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Types of Sleep Apnea Oral Appliances – Covington, GA

Offering the Best Options Available

Every patient is going to have their own unique needs when it comes to treating their sleep apnea. These needs should be reflected in the oral appliance that they use. Covington Sleep Center is focused on providing you multiple options to personalize your sleep apnea treatment. You deserve the right appliance, and Dr. Stephen Dean is prepared to help you sleep completely through the night despite your sleep apnea, even after the first night of use! He can assure you that it will be comfortable, made from high-quality materials, and last for many years without worry. Below, you’ll find many types of sleep apnea oral appliances in Covington, GA to consider when you visit our sleep apnea dental office for treatment.

Respire® Sleep Appliances

Respire sleep apnea oral appliance

One of the most widely used oral appliances across the country, SomnoDent Sleep appliances improve the sleep quality for 90 percent of those who use them daily. To improve sleep, they slightly shift the position of the jaw forward, preventing the airway from being obstructed. They are made from sturdy, flexible materials and always custom-made to fit comfortably over a patient’s teeth. You’ll also be able to speak and drink without removing it, making its use even more convenient.

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TAP Oral Appliances

TAP sleep apnea oral applaince

Whether you suffer from chronic snoring or you have sleep apnea, TAP oral appliances are ideal for treating a whole range of sleep-disordered breathing. By creating a mold based on your teeth, we can design an oral appliance that ensures a precision fit. Additionally, they can be adapted to work with CPAP machines in case you want to pursue combined therapy. Thanks to the TAP, far more people can benefit from oral appliance therapy.

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Modified Herbst Appliance

Modified Herbst Appliance for sleep apnea

The modified Herbst appliance is smaller and less invasive than most typical sleep apnea appliances, and it has a long lifespan as well! It allows jaw movement in every direction but backward, and patients will be capable of talking, taking medications, and drinking with it securely in place. However, this may not be the right option for patients who severely grind their teeth; it could crack because of the pressure.

Not sure which oral appliance would work best for you? Give our sleep apnea dental office a call today to schedule an appointment and find out!